“I love war. Sorry I meant the game “War”. I play it everyday with my friend Tom. Tom’s coming over after school to play. Once Tom arrives we start playing. Tom and I finish all the levels  and we’re on the leader board. The screen goes black and soon the whole room turns black. This synchronised army appears. It looks exactly like the game. We hide near the trees. We both know where we are but don’t want to mention it …. The king of the game comes over to us and asks us why we are here. I tell him what has happened. He says it had never happened before. He doesn’t know how we will return back home ……..


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4 thoughts on “siofra

  1. Hello Síofra you have some imagination I have never heard of the game war but it sounds great to me.Where do you get the ideas for your stories every week good use of the prompt keep it up.

  2. Amazing story sìofra, you are great at writing 100 word challenges, you come up with great ideas for the weeks prompt🔺👌👍

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