One day I met a man who was energetic.He always has beans with his dinner.He goes for a 15 mile run everyday, a 25 mile cycle every day and a 5 mile swim every day.But one day I didn’t see him doing any of those things so I hurried over to his white house. W hen I went there I saw him on his bed with a battery in it crying.I asked him  what happened and he told me that someone had taken his sandwich.


There was a man going down a ,long and busy street ,to get to the nearest subway. He had a job meeting that he couldn’t miss in a few minutes  ,he hurried down the long street .When he reached the subway shop ,he ordered a white bread submarine sandwich .As soon as he left the shop ,he ran as energetic as a hyper child ,as soon as he reached the office tower ,he ate his lunch .With his battery recharged he walked into the office and sat down for the meeting.


Every morning I wake up to my alarm at 6 thirty. URRGH more school, I shout not being very energetic. I try to play Candy Crush, but my phone was on 0%, so I hurried downstairs to charge up the battery, and while I was downstairs I tried to make my school lunch. I literally always take a white bread sandwich to school but today it had blue stinky fluff growing on it,( I assumed it was mouldy) so I looked for some more bread but we only had, DUN<DUN<DUN, BROWN BREAD!! EWWWW I HATE brown bread,its practically my enemy! So I had to take the mouldy white bread, but wait, the time, no,no,NOOO

Ava m

Grandfather sat  down to tell us a story.He began with this,”once upon a time there was a poor boy and his father out under a bridge in Washington.They had to wait two weeks and a half to get one sandwich .They had one torch and two hats and a white blanket.One evening they went out to get a sandwich but when they came back it was very dark.They turned on their torch but it was out of battery.they hurried back to the shop being as energetic as the could but they didn’t have enough money”Grandfather stopped he was too sad to finish the story,I asked why did you stop.He said because the little boy was me.


I hurried home as I could see that my battery was running low.I hate when this happens. I am a robot and I was having fun playing with my friends. Why can’t I be like the humans and eat a sandwich to make me more energetic and playmore.I finally got home but I couldn’t find my batteries . I went up stairs into my brother’s room.He was using the batteries to play his white xbox.I took them from him and put them in me and I charged up when I was fully charged I went out playing with my robot friends.


Look,we all know about those people with terrible jobs.Like Pizza delivery guy.But this isn’t a story about someone with a job like that.Let me introduce you to Harry.Harry loved his job more than anything.It’s actually quite ironic that he’s an electrical engineer and is very energetic.Oh he also loved to eat a sandwich a day.One day there was problem with a huge battery that powered the whole city.He went to check it out and got a shocking surprise(no pun intended)IT COMPLETELY ELECTROCUTED HIM!He lived but went completely mad.Once the people found out their faces went white and they hurried out of the city.