Eabha D

A bright rainbow horn sits on its head . It has the tusk and face of an elephant, but the bottom and tail of a zebra. This is called a Uni Elephant zebra. It lives in the desert. It is very rare because only one person ever saw it. And that person is me. I was in the boiling desert . My water was gone and my food  was gone too. I was about to lose all hope , when I saw an animal so big and fearless. It had the face and tusk  of an elephant a unicorns horn and the behind of a zebra. I was scared at first, but then I saw that it looked friendly. . It lifted me up and I could see a pond a few yards away. The uni elephant zebra carried me over to the pond. I was saved!

Ava m

There’s a place in the forest where there’s loads of out of the ordinary animals, as in a red dancing duck,an orange dolphin who sings,a whale who shoots out pink sweets and one of the favourite’s a jellyfish,but not an ordinary jellyfish a colour changing jellyfish.It lives in the pink lake and the whale who shoots out sweets and the orange singing dolphin live in the grey sea but the red dancing duck lives in the pink lake with the colour changing jellyfish.


O.M.G! Hi there . I’m the one and only Pink Lady GaGa . I am one of the prettiest animals in the planet . I can talk , swim , run , walk , go shopping and I can stay clean . Oh and I almost forgot I have a friend called Robotia . She’s a unicorn cross robot . We both live in Zoo Topia . I can fly but she can make rainbows and slide on them . She can do this amazing thing called math . Well I better get back to keeping clean and going shopping and trying to do that thing called math.


There was once an owl who stood out from all her brothers and sisters.Instead of grey feathery wings she was born with butterfly wings.She was two inches tall and her face was as white as snow.She had great big eyes and her beak was a nice golden colour. Her brothers and sisters made fun of her so she decided to fly away.She flew to all sorts of places. Her favorite place was the desert.She was thirsty so she drank from a lake she found there,but it opened up and she jumped in.Amazingly she found a whole world of mystical,magical creatures.


Once I saw a thing that was blue . I took a picture of it and went home and looked up all of the animals and it wasn’t there. I went to a scientist and he said that there was no such thing.It looked a bit like a unicorn but it had a shell that was covered in fur. The shell was from a turtle and  had turtle legs but the head of a unicorn.I called it the uni-turtle .I went back to the pink lake in the desert and it was there swimming with its family in the pink lake.The uni-turtle doesn’t have to eat to survive and it can swim faster than a shark.


It was a dark night in the desert. I have been on way on my  camel that was in the zoo and I get it because I’m a Zookeeper, the manager in fact. I was riding over every dome in the desert. We came came across a pink lake. It was extraordinary. There were trees,food and animals.There was a couple of camels there too and there was  a weird animal at the lake. The animal was like a giant ape/unicorn/pegasus/sabertooth tiger. He did not like humans and he came and ate me for dinner.