100wc Showcase

Táimid an-bhródúil as Adam atá ar Showcase don 100wc an tseachtain seo.

The prompt was 5 words (ladder, flew, goldfish,slowly, brown) to be included in a story.

Maith thú Adam agus tá an-dul chun cinn déanta ag gach páiste sa rang sa scríbhneoireacht.

All the pupils have made great improvements in writing: spelling, grammar, punctuation and imagination through the weekly 100wc.

Is féidir obair Adam a léamh anseo.

I was all ready to go shopping for a pet, a fish.  Travelling in the car, I was still thinking which type of fish I preferred. When I arrived at the pet shop I started looking at all the beautiful fish. There were black , brown,  pink  and black fish. There were so many different kinds. Then I saw a goldfish swimming around in a tank on the top shelf .When I asked the assistant for the fish he got a ladder to reach the tank but as he attempted to grab the fish in a net the fish flew through the air and landed on the ground. I then asked for a dog instead.



My father went to war. He promised he would come back but he never did. So I was in charge and I had a little brother. I was like a mother to him because our mother died giving birth to him and he never met his father. I’m ten and my brother is only a year old and I can’t afford to buy food or clothes to take care of him. I need to do what is best and I have to give him up for adoption so this note is for my brother.       Dear Brother I’m so sorry to send you here but I couldn’t take care of you. By the time you get this you will be ten and I’ll be twenty. Mad isn’t it? but I’ll come back for you. Love, your sister.(136 words)


Once There Was A Little Boy Named Jackie, Who Was Five Years Old. One Day His Mom And Dad Were Going Out So They Got A Babysitter To Mind Him. This Babysitter Was So Scary! She Had Long Curly Black Hair A Long Nose, Five Worts And One Green Eye And One Brown Eye. At 6:00 The Babysitter Went Into Jackie’s Room Where Jackie Was On The Bed On His Fake Phone. “What Do You Think You’re Doing?!? Yelled The Babysitter  “p-playing on this phone…” Jackie Was Truly Terrified “GO….to bed now..” Jackie went or….tried  to sleep  “shes scary”  The babysitter came in “What Are You Doing?!” “Go Away…” “I’m In Charge Here” “but….What if i was in charge…” “Ha-Ha-Ha you make me laugh” mom and dad came arrived home, Jackie told them everything, the babysitter is now in jail.


I woke up this  morning and remembered  that it was Sports Day. I hate our school one because everyone is in charge of something. I know it sounds amazing but there are jobs like cleaning up and helping the teacher. Every year, my job was to clean up every cone and game supplies!!  I dreaded the next few hours!! So on the way to school ( on the bus) I was day dreaming……. but what if I was in  charge of the game rules?? That sound fun! when we started the sports  the teacher assigned our jobs, I WAS IN CHARGE OF THE GAMES! it was so fun, it really was!Hopefully I get it next year! KEEP DREAMING!


It was a very snowy weekend. Most people were happy but not the Happy Weather team. We were in charge of making sure everybody in Kildare was safe and secured. We would prefer to be at home with our families. Our leader’s name is  Jack and he is the worst leader ever. I haven’t seen my family in MONTHS! One night my team and I had a secret meeting. It was about Jack. After hours of thinking I told the team I had it covered. The next day I went up to Jack while he  was sitting down telling us he is the best leader. I said but what if I was in charge?

Eabha D

Eabha concentrate on your maths!! teacher shouted angrily. She went back to the board . All this school stuff is really annoying!!! But what if I were in charge?I imagined all the teachers would vanish. All the tests would be cancelled. no boring homework no spellings or maths and  best off all homework would be against the law!!! School would start at lunchtime and finish at the end of playtime. Pupils would look forward to school and everyone will be given  a pill to become smarter!!  I can imagine it now! “EABHA EABHA EABHA”!!! I snapped back into reality . “Eabha did I just see you sleeping?”