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In 2017 I hope soccer will be called diving-ball because I feel sorry for Athletico Madrid. In the Champions League Ronaldo got a penalty in the last minute. The referee  said Goidín clipped him but it just looked like he jumped into a pool. When he took the the penalty  it hit the post but the Real Madrid striker kicked it in.The next year Athletico Madrid played against Barcelona and beat them two one.They are playing against Real Madrid this year and I hope Ronaldo doesn’t dive again.


In 2017 I hope a massive monster is born.It will have eight eyes and one tentacle .It will be a very nice monster and will never gobble anybody up.It will give free hugs to the homeless.It will live at the bottom of the ocean and will have 500 billion relatives but will surface often .They will eat anything under the sea.It normally eats seaweed that is very salty and every monster loves that.


In 2017 I hope there will be rockets flying everywhere,

People will have metal underwear.

Dinosaurs will be alive,

And bees would be making chocolate in the bee hive.

People will travel to Mars,

And everyone will have flying cars.

There will be no homework in school,

Wouldn’t that be so cool.

In 2017 I hope there will be robots serving tasty food,

And everyone will be in a good mood.

There will be Christmas every day,

Hip Hip Hoaray!

The  cinema will be free,

To see every movie.

I can not wait for 2017,

When mums won’t have to clean.

That is what robots do,

2017 is the best Woo Hoo!




I woke up. The first thing that came to me was: It’s Christmas! It was  06:21 AM.  I went to wake up my twin sister, Amy. She was awake already and on her phone. “What are you doing on your phone when there are PRESENTS downstairs?!” I asked. “I know that, Alexis! I’m watching something on the News website.  Anyways, let’s go!”she told me. I got a new dress, a movie, new headphones and a new phone case! I loved them because everything was blue. Amy got the same in pink.  We took some pictures and had a really yummy dinner! “In 2017 I hope that it will be as much fun as this year was”, I told Amy, “Me too”, Amy agreed.


In 2017 I hope that their will be no homelessness and that people will start to find some work . I also hope that families will not lose their homes . I hope we, as a small country ,will help other countries who are torn by war and I hope that the new American President will be good for his people. I hope for health and happiness for all my family in 2017 and I hope that we will  win the lotto so my mam and dad won’t have to work so hard and also be able to give some money to charities.


In 2017 I want to get a pet. I have wanted a pet since I was four. I used to want a bear but now I know how dangerous they really are! Than I decided I would like an elephant! I went to a pet shop to get an elephant but I guess pet shops don’t sell elephants. I also went to the zoo to buy a lion but sadly they don’t sell lions. They don’t even sell monkeys! Last Christmas I asked for a giraffe but instead I got a giraffe colouring book! So for my birthday I am hoping to get a crocodile!!!

sean c

In 2017 I hope that people will come up with new ideas, like if the Playstation 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 comes out in one year or if we never have to use our legs again. But it’s not like that.  New things come out , maybe twice a year. I hope the human population moves to space and we can learn to breathe in space or something like that. Honestly I’m happy to live in 2016 because we have everything we need.

Conor 100 WC

One day in Washington DC, Donald Trump was talking and he said,”in 2017 I hope that Hilary Clinton will  be in jail and that I’ll be the president . Then Hillary replied and was angry. Barack Obama said how much better  Hillary was than Donald but the voters  had something  else to say.  Star Wars Rogue 1 is out now.  Today I am writing this, December the 15th, 2016 ,  ten days till Christmas. I’m hopefully getting a guinea pig but I’m still not sure about that .Unfortunately homeless people don’t have homes. In 2017 I hope that will change.


This is a story about what schools should have in 2017.  In 2017 I hope primary schools get virtual reality and classes go more quickly with  I pads and computers which are already  in secondary schools. They could also  improve. I think that schools should have their  own soccer team and classes should be sorted by how clever you are. Also you would be on a playground based on  how fast and athletic you are. You could be seven years old but be in the top class but  with the slow people on the yard.