Once upon a time  there were two little boys named Tim and Jim. They got bullied in school and they always ran away  from the bullies. They were both really fast runners so they started a running club. One year later there was a race coming up. It was in the finals against Spencers FC. They were really fast during the race. The boys were doing really well and although they ran quickly they were still not making enough progress and Spencers FC won, sadly.


Once upon a time there was a little girl ,called Sophie, who really longed for a pet goldfish but her mother would not allow her get one. She then asked if she could have a bird that could fly  high. Her mam asked, “but what would happen if it flew out and onto the roof”? Sophie answered, “I would get a ladder, climb up and get it down”.”What ladder would you use “? asked her mam. ” The brown one , of course”. ” What would happen if you fell”? continued her mam. ” I would climb the ladder very slowly”, replied Sophie.


This morning my friends and I were out playing  soccer in the park near our estate.  Our side kicked the ball out in to a forest behind us.Our expert hedge climber ,Henry,(convenient: ))climbed the hedge and retrieved the ball ,but on the way back he noticed stick like men in front of him !!?He was puzzled at the sight of the wooden  warriors .They carried no weapons but looked  menacing as they assumed an offensive stance !The boy said if they could move  they would be synchronizing!!! We were quite scared and decided to make our exit as quickly as possible.


“I love war. Sorry I meant the game “War”. I play it everyday with my friend Tom. Tom’s coming over after school to play. Once Tom arrives we start playing. Tom and I finish all the levels  and we’re on the leader board. The screen goes black and soon the whole room turns black. This synchronised army appears. It looks exactly like the game. We hide near the trees. We both know where we are but don’t want to mention it …. The king of the game comes over to us and asks us why we are here. I tell him what has happened. He says it had never happened before. He doesn’t know how we will return back home ……..



During  the long, summer holidays my mam decided that I could bring one friend over to my house.I find the holidays long and miss all my friends from school.I picked Simone to come over because she is so funny and we have a great laugh together.I was so excited.She came over at four o`clock.My mam said we could go to the park.We walked  to this place with lots of statues.We found these weird people doing their weird stretches. Simone and I pretended to be like them.  We had a great time but sadly she had to go home.


One day I was out for a walk with my dog, Jake. It was a lovely day until  it started to rain and there was thunder and and lightning. It became so cold  but I saw a wardrobe in the middle of the park. We went over to the wardrobe and looked for some clothes  but there was none there. My dog and I  got sucked into the wardrobe and peered out through a slit. We saw trees doing Kong Fu  in the distance. We went over but they were aggressive and attacked us and we never made it home.


I was playing with my friends in the park when we were visited by some unexpected visitors.Trees sprang to life across the world and tried to stop people cutting down trees.The trees first tried to talk to the people. “Please stop chopping down trees,” they said, “trees give oxygen.  Paper isn’t more important than your life is it?  Trees are homes for animals”.The people thought they had a point so they stopped .The trees were happy so they went back to their original forms but the people didn’t listen so the trees started to attack. The woodcutter woke up.”What a weird dream”, he thought to himself. “I’m going to stop cutting down trees.”


I, Professor Jennifer went on a boat to the jungle. I am an explorer.It is not a difficult job. I love to explore new places.I got off the boat and went deep into the jungle.I saw a pig with a twisted tail.Hang on a second ,THERE ARE NOT ANY PIGS IN A JUNGLE! Night fell and I made a place to sleep out of leaves and sticks . I woke up the next morning and I explored deeper into the jungle.I saw a purple MONKEY!I saw a crocodile with a MOUSTACHE. I got back on the boat and I started sailing home .It was the weirdest jungle I have ever been to .It is a mystery .


I woke up. The first thing that came to me was: It’s Christmas! It was  06:21 AM.  I went to wake up my twin sister, Amy. She was awake already and on her phone. “What are you doing on your phone when there are PRESENTS downstairs?!” I asked. “I know that, Alexis! I’m watching something on the News website.  Anyways, let’s go!”she told me. I got a new dress, a movie, new headphones and a new phone case! I loved them because everything was blue. Amy got the same in pink.  We took some pictures and had a really yummy dinner! “In 2017 I hope that it will be as much fun as this year was”, I told Amy, “Me too”, Amy agreed.


In 2017 I hope to build my own rocket and go to space with my family to explore loads of different planets and meet aliens that might be taller, smaller or even of different  colours and different shapes . They might talk a different language than us . Also in 2017 I hope I make a gaming company that makes games for the Xbox. With the money I get  I will give some of it to Jack and Jill . I will keep some money for my family and I will buy my mam a new car . I hope everyone stays healthy until 2018 and we all have a lovely Christmas.