One day Professor Doom was walking beside the lake. He saw a crocodile with a purple glow coming off it. The professor went to take a closer look and he grabbed it.It didn’t attack then it started to talk and it said”It hurts.”Before I could ask him what he nodded off. The professor brought him back to the lab to see what the purple glow was. There was a twisted purple bead stuck in him.”This is going to be difficult to get out.” The crocodile woke. When the professor got it out the crocodile couldn’t talk and wasn’t tamed. ”The purple bead must have power.”

2 thoughts on “Taylor

  1. Hi Taylor,

    this is a very imaginative response to the prompt. I like the image of a crocodile with a purple glow coming off it and the idea of the purple bead with some kind of power is great!

    Keep up the good work.

    Team 100wc

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