My father has a secret and I ask him everyday,

Oh! please father please, just tell me once this day

I went to bed early thinking about his dreaming.

I heard a big crash and lots of screaming.

I called for my dad but didn’t hear a sound,

Went down to check and saw Nanny’s old lamp

lying on the ground.

And two little figures and lots of tiny shapes.

It’s probably just Seáiní pretending he’s in space.


I heard the door bang.

I found out that Seáiní got grounded ,

It’s a long story

But for now I have to GO.


4 thoughts on “Síofra

  1. Maith thú, Síofra. You wrote a very interesting poem in response to the picture prompt. Very good writing for the beginning of 4th class and your first attempt at the 100WC.

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