Once there was a clay family who lived in  a back garden.Their  job was to keep everyone in the back garden safe.But one day someone got stuck on top of the GINORMOUS well.The only way to get to the well was to walk across  fairy lights.Luckily they got across  and rescued the person BUT… on the way back fell down on the lamp and smashed it causing all the beads and orbs to spill. They had to clean up all the mess but it didn’t take too long  because everyone in the back garden helped .After they cleaned up they set to work on fixing the lamp and the fairy lights.



One thought on “Eoghan

  1. Hey there,
    This is a clever piece of writing! I could imagine looking out of the window at dawn to see all these events happening. I would quite like a gang of workers like yours in my garden – can you send them to me? You have written some interesting phrases – how about using some more strong adjectives?
    Keep Blogging!
    Steven Hales – North Norfolk, England #Team100wc

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