I woke  up this morning and looked out the window  and saw a big knocked down  bulb,  well at least it looked like a bulb . Quick  as a flash I threw on clothes and ran down the stairs  to show mum. “MUM do you see that ?” What Laura”? asked mum . That big bulb on your lawn. Laura said mum I still don”t know what you mean. O MY GOD! how can you  not see the big bulb yet! Laura how about you go upstairs  while I clean up ok? As I walk upstairs  and open my door I see that the bulb has gone. Am I going mad?



3 thoughts on “Eabha

  1. Oh My God, Éabha this is AMAZING!!! You are so talented , so keep writing all these awesome stories. I really enjoyed reading this , so please share the next part with us. Top Marks!!!

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