Jack stared out of his bedroom window, bored. He had been grounded for playing a trick on his schoolteacher He wanted to escape but he didn’t know how . He had an idea. He could tie his socks together to lower himself down. He  ran down the alley . He  bumped into an old man.”Take these”,  he said “plant them in your garden and you will get a surprise “.Jack ran to the park and planted the beans. Then out of the ground shot a huge beanstalk.He climbed it and saw a castle. He went into it and  there was a thump on the roof. The lightbulb fell and shocked him . Dazed he accidently knocked over a box of beads and toys.

3 thoughts on “Caoimhe

  1. Maith thú, Caoimhe. Very good story for your first attempt at the 100WC. You got your inspiration from Jack and The Beanstalk. Reading gives us ideas for writing.

  2. Hey there,
    This is a great little story and, of course, has inspiration form Jack and the Beanstalk. I did wonder what the trick was that he played on his school teacher. It must have been quite severe to be grounded! You can help your reader by using commas, which would just add to the atmosphere. For example –
    ‘Dazed, he accidentally knocked over a box of beads and toys.’
    Keep blogging!
    Steven Hales – North Norfolk, England, UK #Team100wc

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