ava ni r..

There once  were  two scientists called Jessie and Kate . One day Kate went out to get some things in the shop.”Bye Kate”, said Jessie and gave her a big hug. Jessie was testing out a new machine that she had built.She put lots of pearls and glass in . “Finally I’m done”, said Jessie. She turned on the machine and waited ;nothing happened. “Why isn’t it working ?”wondered Jessie . “Aha”!  I forgot to plug it in”. She turned it on again.”Pow!!!” it  smashed.That minute Kate walked in the door.”What?”screamed Kate.Jessie didn’t say a word.”Tell me” said Kate.”Fine. The machine broke,” said Jessie .” It’s ok”, said Kate.”Lets clean up the mess”.

2 thoughts on “ava ni r..

  1. An-mhaith Ava. A very good story for your first attempt at the 100WC. You have very good spelling and punctuation, especially speech marks. Avoid using the word”things”. Make a list of alternatives: other words you could use instead.

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