Last summer I went to a Medieval Festival in France  . There was a man making steel swords. There was a pig, a goat , a horse and a chicken in the petting area. We fed the horse carrots and we fed the chicken some seeds. We got our photo taken under an old guillotine. My sister was shaking and tearful because she was scared that her head was going to get chopped off. There were people dressed up in lovely old costumes and the colours were so nice: red, mauve, silver and gold. We had a wonderful day.

8 thoughts on “darragh

  1. Maith thú Darragh. I really liked your story. The prompt words fit in really well and you describe your family day out in lovely detail. I did laugh at your poor sister though!
    Well done and keep up the great writing.
    Ms Brennock

  2. What a great story and you did a great job of fitting the prompt words in really well. It sounds like a wonderful experience. Your poor sister though! I hope her fears weren’t realised!

  3. Darragh, a chara,
    Comhghairdeachas leat! Showcase! Sárthaispeántas den scoth! I love your use of rich vocabulary such as guillotine and the colours in the story, mauve is my favourite! I am delighted that your sister did not lose her head!
    Le gach dea-ghuí,
    Múinteoir Niamh

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