Obair Bhaile 24/04/17

Mata: MM61       Gafa L86       Bileog (10)

Táblaí x6  /6

Gaeilge: Cóipleabhar  An Scéal

Béarla : Bileog Soft g  Spellings: soft g words     procession and mission Read at Home 81

Táimid an-bhrodúil as Darragh a bhuaigh Craobh na hÉireann i mbadmantan i rith na laethanta saoire.

Litir : Snámh

Caoimhe ar an Showcase an tseachtain seo!

Once there was a giant named Ugha. A lot of people were scared of him. One night a brave knight named Brian went over to Ugha’s house. He brought some sleeping pills and put them in his water. It went yellow but he didn’t notice. So he drank it all and slumped onto the floor and went into a deep sleep. While he was asleep Brian carried him to the park. He buried Ugha under a tree where  he turned into clay. All you can see of him now is his hand. It is a huge tourist  attraction.